11 Tricks to Eliminate Bad Odor Produced by Pets

It is wonderful to have a pet at home, as a pet can do a lot for our life. When we have a pet, we feel more loved, cheerful, and willing. But there is also the bad part: dealing with the mess and the bad smell caused by the animals’ feces and urine.

Some products can help you fight the bad odor of animals inside the house, and you may be able to find them in your own kitchen.

Wash the bed where your pet sleeps with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda

Your pet’s bedding tends to get very dirty and bacteria-laden over time because of saliva, hair, and urine remnants. Some beds can be washed directly in the machine. In that case, add a little hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to the washing machine.

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If it can be cleaned only by hand, you can clean the surface with a cloth moistened with water and vinegar to neutralize the smell and eliminate stains.

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Wash your sheets with vinegar

Taking a nap with your dog or cat in bed can be wonderful and even beneficial for you. But don’t forget to change and wash the sheets frequently, as the smell of animals is in the bedding. Add a quarter cup of vinegar to the washing machine to help remove any trace of stench.

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Clean the carpets with baking soda

Dogs and cats love to sleep on rugs. Therefore, it is normal for the carpet to smell like your pet. To prevent animals’ bad smell from accumulating on carpets, you should clean them regularly with a vacuum cleaner. You can also put some baking soda on the rug overnight and let it act while you sleep. The next day, remove the product.

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Use apple cider vinegar to clean the sofa.

Dogs and cats love to stay on the couch, and their scent penetrates the fabric. There are materials, such as leather, that are more difficult to clean. To improve this task, mix the apple cider vinegar with water and soak a cloth in the solution. You must squeeze it enough to remove as much liquid as possible. Then gently wipe it over the surface you want to clean.

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Place a bowl with lemon slices in the middle of the rooms.

One way to keep the environment fresh and smelly is to place a medium bowl full of lemon slices in each room and the living room for a few hours. To achieve greater efficiency, close all windows and doors.

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Create your own deodorant

You can make deodorant with baking soda and vinegar. Fill a spray bottle with vinegar. Add 5 to 10 drops of essential oils (lemon, lavender, or vanilla) if desired. Add a quarter cup of baking soda to the jar. Shake well and spray the mixture around the house, on the carpets, on the beds, and elsewhere to eliminate odors.

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Make your own enzymatic detergent with brown sugar.

Enzymatic detergents help eliminate odors and remove stains. Spray the affected area and let it sit for 30 minutes. Then dry the product with a clean cloth. You will need the following ingredients: 7 tablespoons of brown sugar, 1 and a half cups of lemon or orange peel, 1 liter of water, 1 large glass bowl.

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Reduce the smell of the litter box with cooking ingredients

Empty the litter box’s contents into a garbage bag and rub the box with soap and water. To remove stains and odors, add a little vinegar and soak for 30 minutes. Then brush the surface, rinse again with water, and let it air dry. Before adding the sand again, you can add a layer of one of the following ingredients to neutralize the bad smell: baking soda, green tea, or coffee.

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Use charcoal to soften the smell in the environment.

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Sometimes, no matter how much you clean the affected area, an animal’s scent can remain in the environment. One option to eliminate it is to use coal. Place the product in a box and add a little baking soda.

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Leave the container with the ingredients where the smell is strongest, but remember to place it in a place that your pet cannot access.

Eliminate the smell of cat urine from carpets

To remove this smell, you can rub the affected area with a little sparkling water and let it dry with fresh air. Once dry, spread baking soda over the material. Let stand overnight and remove the product the next day.

 Bathe your pet regularly.

Take care of your pet. Shower, cut your nails, and brush his teeth regularly. Also, remember to brush it daily to remove excess hair and dirt.

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