How to Use Accessories to Transform Basic Looks

Have you noticed how an accessory can change the look? A basic outfit with the right bijoux becomes a look to go out at night super stylish. The key is knowing how to choose the ideal accessory to transform your look. Look at these ideas:

How to Choose Accessories

Choosing accessories for the look can even give you anxiety when we think about that drawer full of options, which we don’t even remember exactly what we have. In the end, we always end up wearing the same basic necklace and earring from day today.

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Therefore, the first step in choosing the accessory is to know the items you already have and what style you intend to achieve with your look.

How to Change the Look Style with Accessories

PRODUCTS: Pleated jaguar headband, zebra headband.


An accessory can dictate the style of a basic outfit. The same simple set can be elegant with a rhinestone earring or gain a casual touch with a modern choker. Bet on accessories that have the style you are looking for, and don’t be afraid to make unusual combinations.

Winter Accessories

PRODUCTS: Crochet scarf, mini checkered scarf.

They are almost mandatory in the cold season, but they can also add a lot of personality to your look. Scarves and scarves can help you’re basic look more elegant. Also, the versatility of use and lashing gives you the freedom to look more serious or stripped.

Summer Accessories

PRODUCTS: Round metal and acetate sunglasses, natural shell choker.

Some pieces look like summer. Sunglasses – obviously – are one of them. But several other accessories can add a beachy look to your look. This is the case with bijoux shaped like shells or made of natural materials, such as resin or straw.


PRODUCTS: Twisted veneer necklace with pendant, peacock pendant veneer necklace.

Necklaces are key pieces to add color to your production, highlight the neckline or give your look a shine. Each type of necklace can give a different style to the same outfit. See the main accessories to compose your look:


PRODUCTS: Choker beads and beads, choker clad shell.

Chokers work very well in more open necklines, creating a harmony in the look. For clothes with a more closed neckline, the choker can complement the most basic pieces with a different touch.

Mix of Necklaces

PRODUCTS: Natural shell clad necklace, 2 layer necklace with pearls and chain.

One of the trends of the moment, the mix of necklaces makes any basic blouse more stylish. You can complete your choker with a long pendant necklace, or several necklaces of different lengths. Another tip is to bet on necklaces that already simulate a mix of necklaces in a single piece.


PRODUCTS: Choker resin elements, necklace dots colors veneer.

Stone necklaces can set the perfect mood for your look. A necklace with small and delicate stones leaves the composition with a classic romantic touch. The accessories with larger stones are great for a stylish casual look or to compose a hi-lo production .

Maxi Necklace

PRODUCTS: Short chain necklace, long link detail necklace.

The maxi necklace is ideal to make your look more powerful, having the power to completely change a basic look for a fashionista and elegant production. Bet on blouses in neutral or plain colors to balance your production.


PRODUCTS: Irregular pearl plated earring, crystal cascade earring.

The earrings are versatile accessories that can be used from day to day – like that delicate single stone earring – even in a super party production with a maxi earring with a cascade effect. Look at these incredible models for you to use on all occasions.


PRODUCTS: Wide resin hoop earring, crystals hoop.

The rings are a classic earring model with several variations of style. The colorful earrings are great for giving a fun and stripped touch to the work look. The more delicate models with crystals make the production more romantic and go very well in a look for the night.


PRODUCTS: Earring with irregular pearls, earring in stone pendant.

The earrings with detail of frosted stones are ideal to wear during the day. With different styles, these earrings are the darlings to compose the work look. Bet on stone colors that match the tone of your clothes so you can always use them.

Maxi Earrings

PRODUCTS: Resin shell earring, crumpled metal clad earring.

The maxi earrings are amazing for those who have short hair or to compose a look with hair up. The models with colored resin have a fun style that make up the production for a day party very well. Another tip is to use an earring with a different and modern style to leave a simple look ready to be used for going out at night.

Bracelets and Watches

PRODUCTS: Clad heart bracelet, adjustable shell bracelet.

Watches are useful accessories that look great in work looks. Bracelets, in addition to being super practical, are the face of summer. A tip is to combine the necklace and bracelet to compose your daily production.

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PRODUCTS: Barred snake scarf, basic scarf.

Bet on prints and different colors to give an up to your work look. The most basic models are great for creating comfort in your everyday production.


PRODUCTS: Crystal belt, resin buckle belt.

You can use the belt in different ways to make your look unique. A chain belt with stones is the ideal piece to put on top of the blouse and guarantee a very stylish production. In addition, you can put on a wider belt with a dress and create a monochromatic look.

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Sources: Amaro Live