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How to Save on Gasoline and Car Maintenance

Useful tips and tricks to keep your car less expensive.

Drive correctly

Avoid traffic jams

Let’s start with a ride. As trite as it may sound, you must clearly plan your route before you hit the road. This will save you from winding circles around the city and standing in traffic jams with the engine running, which will turn into wasted fuel.

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The average fuel consumption at idle speed is usually between 1 and 1.5 liters per hour, depending on engine size. That is why you should also not get carried away with a long warm-up – modern motors only need a couple of minutes of work before starting to move.

Do not dare

If you want to reduce fuel consumption, you have to forget about high speeds and sharp accelerations. Accelerate smoother, slow down in advance of intersections and avoid hard braking not to waste gasoline. Best of all, drive at the cruising speed of the car specified in the documentation – the consumption on it will be minimal.

Reduce air resistance

Be sure to close your windows when driving on the highway to improve streamlining. For the same reason, it is recommended to remove the roof rack when not in use. It is also better not to overload the main trunk with unnecessary things – the less weight, the less fuel is consumed.

Disable additional appliances

Even greater savings can be achieved by timely switching off the air conditioner, heater, headlights, and other devices. All this puts an additional load on the generator, which leads to increased fuel consumption. All jokes, but even high-power lamps in the headlights, can add a few percent to the consumption.

Park in the shade

You also need to park wisely. It is better to leave the car in the shade without exposing it to the sun in hot weather. The heated air already provokes increased fuel evaporation, so you should not add heat to the car in the sun.

Refuel correctly

Refuel at night

Oddly enough, the correct filling of the car will help save on fuel. Experienced drivers prefer to visit the gas station in the early morning or late evening when it is cool outside. Fuel density depends on temperature. The higher it is, the less volume will enter the tank.

Fill tank full

Try not to refuel in 5-10 liters, but always fill the tank full so as not to go to the gas station in a few days, burning up precious fuel. But the choice of a brand of gasoline should not be approached with fanaticism – be guided by the manufacturer’s recommendations and do not chase after the most premium and expensive fuel.

Take advantage of the discounts.

Also, do not forget about promotions, loyalty programs, and other available discounts at almost all gas stations. Pay with bonuses, get a discount card, and buy fuel at a reduced price.

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Watch the car

Advice, which you can not remind once again, but still. Timely maintenance guarantees the reliable operation of the machine and allows you to reduce fuel costs and the cost of unplanned repairs.

Change consumables and check wheels in time.

Particular attention should be paid to the air filter, the condition of which affects fuel consumption. Check the camber setting and maintain the correct tire pressure – both moments increase resistance when driving, and with it, consumption.

Insulate the engine

In winter, a lot of fuel is spent on warming up the engine, making sense to take care of its insulation with a special blanket. This will speed up the engine’s healing and allow it to cool down longer, which will have a positive effect on fuel consumption.

Service correctly

Buy parts yourself

You can also save a lot on car maintenance and MOT. If you carry out repairs in-car services, try to buy spare parts yourself, comparing prices in several stores. Artisans usually offer here and now, but at inflated prices. At the same time, it is not a fact that the parts will be of high quality.

Use quality analogs of parts.

You can save even more on repairs if you buy not original spare parts but their analogs. Profile forums for your car brand will help you choose the best parts of the price-quality ratio.

Check service lists and bargain.

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It will not be superfluous to study the routine maintenance list when going through MOT and refuse various additional services that car service owners like to impose. Feel free to bargain and ask for a discount, especially when something doesn’t suit you.

Do minor repairs yourself.

You can generally turn to specialists only in serious situations and carry out minor repairs like replacing candles, oil, or a burnt-out light bulb yourself. It is easy to find detailed information on forums and YouTube and do everything yourself after spending a little time.

Use self-service points for washing.

Another item where you can save money is the car wash. To keep the car clean is not so expensive, you can go to the car wash every other time and sometimes wash the car yourself. Whenever possible, you should use self-service points, which are much cheaper than a car wash.

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