How to Play With Dogs: Avoid Places Where There Are Other Dogs

If the dog gets used to playing with old clothing, then don’t be surprised if he throws himself on new cloth items that look like them. Same thing for curtains and carpets

Playing with dogs is a pleasure not to be wasted. And like all pleasures, it must be cultivated with some precautions: for example Angelo Vaira, dog trainer, and Valeria Raimondi in their book  The art of playing with your dog  (Sperling & Kupfer editions) recall the sock rule. 

If you let your dog play with old clothes, like a sock, then don’t be surprised if he throws himself on any fabric object that somehow resembles him. Same thing for fringe toys, sold in pet supply stores – an unreasonable way to get your dog used to shredding curtains and carpets.

How to Play with the Dog

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Just as for children, play is also essential for our pets to grow. by playing they strengthen themselves,  socialize with their peers and their owners, and learn to manage emotions. In fact, the game increases their skills, improves relations with their masters, and stimulates learning.  Not to mention that playing with your dog makes him happier, and allows him to keep his mind active.

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How to Play with your Dog at Home and Outside.

There are many games that you can play together: for example, when you go outside the house, remember to always carry a ball with you in order to entice him to run. Or, scatter some treats around the lawn and let him start looking for them – a way to test their nose. 

Alternatively, ask your dog to stand still in the indicated place, hide the snack he loves to munch on, and then go back to him and direct him to look for him. As soon as he finds it, reward him with a small prize, for example, some biscuits. A few small gestures that will strengthen the dog-owner bond and make your pet happy.

Games to Play with the Dog

So here are many ideas and useful tips for playing with your dog:

  • Reserve an area, even a small space, inside your home, which is dedicated to this function. A kind of mini playground for pets.
  • Choose a quiet place: the presence of too many stimuli, such as noises, could distract the dog.
  • Give your dog a set of precise commands on when to start or stop the game.
  • Spend at least 10 minutes a day for this pet interaction activity. After all, it’s a way to enjoy their company. And consider this activity as the need they have, at least twice a day, to go out for their needs.
  • Observe which objects arouse their attention ( here are some games for your four-legged friends), and take them into account when choosing the type of game. For dogs, a play object, think of a puppet, very often becomes a fetish that is automatically linked to this activity.
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  • Make sure your dog has ample space to run in, and to avoid any muscle tears, let him warm up a little while walking and running before starting to play.
  • If you play with a ball, make sure it is the right size: avoid those that are too small as it could swallow them, and tennis balls, they may contain toxic substances for your pet.
  • If he does not want to give you the ball back at the end of the game, do not create tension and not take it away by force. Give him a time or propose an exchange.
  • Always evaluate your dog’s needs: puppies are more delicate than older dogs who may suffer from joint pain.
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How to Play with Your Dog: Funny and Curious Ideas

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Avoid the games if there are other dogs in the place where you are: balls and Frisbees could cause fights, especially if the dogs have never played together.

Take a look at the different applications that allow you to play with cats and dogs via your smartphone. The automatic ball launcher, iFetch, the bird and mouse sound generator, Hyttyo, or the Clever Pet educational games. You are spoiled for choice, and for spending.

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