What To Do If You Over-salt Your Dish

If you put in a little more salt than required, don’t be discouraged. Even the most experienced chefs can face this problem from time to time. You need to remember the little secrets that will help save the oversalted dish.

What to do if your soup is too salty

So what if your broth is too salty? You can add some noodles to the dish. Or cook soups in this broth. The ingredients you add will take over the unnecessary salt. If the soup option is not suitable, use the following trick; add whipped protein to the broth. Then remove the protein with a slotted spoon or strain the broth.

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What To Do If You Over-salt Your Dish
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If you have salted the ready-made soup, you can add a little raw onion to it. It will not spoil the taste, but the dish itself will become less salty. If you realize that you have put in a lot of salt, but your first dish is not quite ready yet, put a couple of potatoes in a gauze bag in it. After they are cooked, remove the bag.

A little sugar can also correct the taste if you add 0.3 tsp to a salted first course. Sugar – the taste will become softer, not so salty. Some cooks believe that water can be added to chicken broth even when it’s completely cooked. This opinion is erroneous since, in the end, you can get a very muddy, not appetizing-looking dish.

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How to save salted meat or fish

If you spoil the taste of second courses, fish or meat with a lot of salt, prepare a sauce. Then you need to put the meat in the sauce and boil a little. If you cooked a large piece of meat, chop it into portions. If you have time, you can use a piece of meat tainted with salt as a pizza filling. Add a few more unsalted ingredients, and your delicious pizza is ready! If the minced meat for cutlets turned out to be salty, you could add a little bread, potatoes, or unsalted boiled rice to it.

As a result, it must be said that an oversalted dish can be corrected by increasing its quantity. You can fantasize! If you’re making a stew, add a few more vegetables. 

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