How To Melt Chocolate For Icing: Three Easy Ways

You can melt milk, black and white chocolate in the microwave, on the stove, and in the oven. We’ll show you how to properly melt chocolate for baking, icing, cream, and more.

How to melt chocolate in the microwave

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How To Melt Chocolate For Icing: Three Easy Ways
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Break the chocolate into pieces and place in a microwave-safe bowl. Heat on high power for 20-30 seconds. Stir and repeat the process 4 more times.

How to melt chocolate in a water bath

Chop the chocolate finely. Place it in an ovenproof bowl set over boiling water. Make sure the container does not touch the water below. Stir the chocolate occasionally with a wooden spoon or silicone spatula.

How to melt chocolate in the oven

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Grate the chocolate and distribute it evenly. Heat at 150C for 3-4 minutes. Remove from oven and stir. Repeat this process 3 times until the chocolate is smooth and smooth.

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On a note

  • Do not use a plastic bowl in the microwave, as this can cause condensation on the chocolate.
  • When melting chocolate in a water bath, it is important to make sure that the bowl does not touch the boiling water. Otherwise, the chocolate will stratify and become patchy.
  • For a classic ganache, combine melted chocolate with cream.
  • Dark chocolate goes well with mint or orange, milk chocolate with caramel and sea salt, and white with vanilla.
  • Each type of chocolate melts to a different consistency. The lighter it is in color, the thicker it will be.
  • White chocolate requires cautious handling as it overheats easily.

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