Olive Oil: Health Benefits And Selection Rules

Did you know that the secret of the legendary beauty of Italians is olive oil? And in Italy, it is considered the elixir of youth, and they consume 14 liters of oil a year. On Ukrainian markets, the price of olive oil is almost twice as high as sunflower oil. But does it really have healing properties?

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Olive Oil: Health Benefits And Selection Rules
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Why is olive oil useful?

Consuming olive oil is beneficial to health due to its high content of monounsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants.

  • Olive oil has a positive effect on the health of the heart and blood vessels. It lowers the level of “bad” cholesterol in the blood, which leads to the formation of plaque on the walls of the coronary arteries.
  • Olive oil improves digestion and stimulates the production of bile, which significantly reduces the risk of gallstones. Also, olive oil prevents fatty liver.
  • Olive oil contains oleic acid and other phenols that have antioxidant properties. These substances rid the body of free radicals that damage cells and lead to cancer.
  • Olive oil is rich in vitamin E, which is beneficial for the beauty of skin and hair. This essential element for our body stimulates the production of collagen and prevents the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Nutritionists believe that since olive oil is monounsaturated fat, it is difficult to gain weight by consuming it. This product speeds up metabolism and increases energy levels. If you want to lose weight, use olive oil as a dressing for salads and other dishes. You can fry meat, fish, stew vegetables, and other products on it.

How to choose olive oil

Olive Oil: Health Benefits And Selection Rules
Photo credit: Freepik

The unrefined oil is used in salad dressings and sauces. But the price of such oil is much higher – at least 200 UAH per liter. This oil is often counterfeited because it is expensive. Therefore, it can be diluted with other oils and sold.

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There are three types of olive oil.

  • Extra virgin olive oil. The highest quality product, first cold-pressed oil. It has a pleasant aroma, fruity flavor, and retains all the nutrients accumulated by ripe olive fruits. The acidity should not exceed 1%.
  • Virgin olive oil. It turns out in the second cold pressing has a high quality. Aroma and color are not inferior to the first category—acidity – from 1 to 2%.
  • Olive oil. It is a mixture of purified (refined) and natural oils. It is inferior in taste and usefulness to the first two—acidity – no more than 3.3%.
  • Also, the label informs about what a particular type of oil can be used for. For example, the extra class is best for salads and frying – with an admixture of refined.

Olive oil is very healthy, but when buying, read the label carefully and not spare money.

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