How To Choose Quality Squash Caviar

Squash caviar is a favorite vegetable snack. It usually consists of zucchini, carrots, onions, and tomato paste. Vegetables are stewed, chopped, and put into jars. By the way, squash caviar does not contain animal products.

Squash caviar is healthy and dietary, but only if it is made according to the rules and without chemicals. All products must be of natural origin. How to buy quality squash caviar, see the plot below.

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How to choose squash caviar in the store

How To Choose Quality Squash Caviar
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  • Pay attention to cooking zucchini. With fried vegetables, it is no longer considered healthy, so it is better to choose boiled ones
  • It is also worth looking at the percentage of zucchini in the caviar. If it is not specified, there are less than half of them.
  • It is better to buy caviar without flour in the composition.
  • The jar should be opened with cotton. After opening the container, be sure to look at the color of the caviar on the lid. If it is black, this means that there was contact with the metal and, probably, the storage regime was violated.
  • Zucchini has the ability to accumulate nitrates, so it is important in what conditions they were grown, and caviar can easily become poisonous. The norm is not more than 400 mg per kilogram.

How to check the quality of squash caviar

How to understand if caviar is good at home? Pay attention to the color. The brighter, the more tomato paste there is. As for the density, the squash caviar should not spread and be lumpy.

How To Choose Quality Squash Caviar
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The caviar should smell like tomatoes and other ingredients – carrots and onions. This indicates correct preparation, and if the zucchini was fried, then the taste can be a little unpleasant.

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