What To Do If You Bought An Unripe Avocado

True avocado lovers know how to choose this healthy fruit. Regardless of its size or pimples’ presence on the skin, the main attention should be paid to the fruit’s softness.

How to choose an avocado

An unripe avocado is a complete disappointment for those who try it for the first time. The green oak-firm flesh, both in texture and in taste, is reminiscent of raw zucchini. The other extreme is an overripe fruit that starts to rot. Signs of this avocado include excessive, watery softness, dark spots, and spots on the skin.

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A good ripe avocado has a uniform color and even softness; when you press on the skin, the finger should easily leave a dent but not sink into the fruit. The perfect avocado is so soft and buttery that it can be easily spread on bread.

What To Do If You Bought An Unripe Avocado
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How to make an avocado soft

If you happen to make a mistake and buy unripe fruits, it is quite possible to ripen yourself. Each avocado is individually wrapped in paper and placed in a dry, dark place at room temperature. After three to six days, depending on the initial stage of ripeness, the fruits will be ready to eat.

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What to eat avocado with

The avocados added to salads give them a delicious, buttery-nutty flavor. This fruit is a great option for sandwiches; spread softened avocado on a slice of grain or rye bread, sprinkle with salt, and garnish with a plate of lettuce. Sprinkle a little lemon juice on top.

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