How To Cook Delicious Meat: 8 Useful Tips

Not everyone knows how to cook meat so that it retains its juiciness. These little tricks will make your meat dishes more appetizing and delicious. Here goes.

1. Defrost meat slowly in the open air, not in water.

2. Meat for storage must not be washed. Otherwise, it will quickly deteriorate.

3. The meat will be stewed much better if you add tomato puree, pomegranate juice, or citric acid to the sauce.

4. To prevent the meat from burning and becoming dry, place a small vessel with water in the oven – the steam from the water will prevent the meat from burning and drying out.

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How To Cook Delicious Meat: 8 Useful Tips
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5. The meat will be softer if it is smeared with mustard an hour before frying.

6. The meat’s readiness is determined by piercing it with a fork and pressing on it: if red juice is released, then the meat is not yet ready; if the juice is light, then the meat is ready.

7. When you bake meat in the oven, pour the juice formed during cooking every 10-15 minutes. If the juice is low, you can add a little broth or water.

8. For fried natural meat, it is better to serve not a sauce but meat juice obtained during frying.

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