Snacks With Health Benefits: Top 5 Options

Life is so fast-paced that it is tough to find time for a full meal. What to do when you really want to eat, but there is no time and desire to spoil your body with “junk food”? Here are a few simple and satisfying meals that can help you cope with hunger without hurting your body.

Goat cheese + Iceberg salad

Iceberg lettuce is very healthy. It is rich in folic acid, which is essential for strengthening the nervous system, especially for pregnant and lactating mothers. Instead of bread, put goat cheese (it is easier to digest than cheese made from cow’s milk, especially in combination with fresh herbs) or cheese on a lettuce leaf, sprinkle it with your favorite spices. You can also eat something from dairy or fish.

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Snacks With Health Benefits: Top 5 Options
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Avocado toast

The bread goes very well with avocado. Add a little lemon juice, salt, and pepper to the avocado. Spread the cream on toasted wheat germ bread or cereal. You can add cereals to this snack.

Spinach and green beans with cream

A quick hot version, it will take very little time to prepare it. Rinse frozen spinach and beans with cold water and send to stew in a little water. You can also add onions or garlic. When the spinach and beans are done, add the cream, salt and simmer for a couple more minutes. You can add vegetables or cheese. By the way, scientists believe that spinach helps keep the brain youthful.

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Nut milk

Cooking nut milk takes no more than five minutes. This is a great drink that goes well with other foods. For a more satisfying snack, combine nut milk with banana or dates in a blender.

Avocado + fruit

An avocado smoothie is ideal when you want something juicy but more satisfying than just fruit. Bananas combined with avocados are nutritious but also a light snack. You can add fruits and herbs.

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