11 Useful Hacks Every Avocado Lover Needs To Know

These tips will help you choose, chop, and keep avocados fresh and tell you which foods you can replace them with to make your food healthier.

1. Paper bag and fruit will help an avocado ripen

Put the unripe avocado in a paper bag with a banana or apple, and it will ripen faster. This is because the fruit releases ethylene gas, which fastens avocados’ maturation, and the packet keeps that gas inside.

2. Even faster an avocado will ripen in the oven

Wrap the fruit in foil and place it in the oven, preheated to 200 degrees Celsius, for 10 minutes, and your avocado will become ripe.

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3. The maturity of the avocado will show in the place under the skin

To not buy an overripe fruit, remove the skin from it and look at the place under it. If it is green or yellow, then the avocado can be used; if brown, it is not worth it: it is already overripe.

4. Cut the avocado, not along, but across

Surely you are used to cutting the avocado vertically and removing the bone with a knife or spoon. There is a simpler way; cut the fruit across and squeeze the bone out. If the avocado is ripe, it will not be difficult.

11 Useful Hacks Every Avocado Lover Needs To Know
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5. Lemon juice and onion will protect avocados from oxidation

If you intend to use a portion of an avocado later, sprinkle it with lemon juice or put it together with the onion. Any of these methods will help keep the color of the avocado.

Also, do not remove the bone – the avocado will stay fresh longer.

6. Avocado can replace butter

Avocados are a great alternative to butter. You can safely replace it with this fruit, and baking will immediately become less harmful and more vegan.

7. Make avocado roses easily

Creating avocado flowers can seem like a top-level culinary skill. But in reality, it’s much easier. You need to very thinly cut half of the avocado, fold the slices fan, and twist.

8. Avocado can replace mayonnaise

In tuna or egg salads, you can add avocado instead of mayonnaise. The creamy texture of the dish will remain, and it will become more useful.

9. Garnish toast with avocado slices

This simple vegetable-cleaning trick will make your breakfast not only tasty but also beautiful.

11 Useful Hacks Every Avocado Lover Needs To Know
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10. Replace bananas with avocados

If you like smoothies but want less sugar in it, replace bananas with avocados. Nutrients and the consistency of smoothies will remain the same, but the sugars will decrease.

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11. Grow your avocado

To do this, you need to dip the blunt end of the bone in a glass of water, and to hold it in place, pierce or back it with toothpicks.

11 Useful Hacks Every Avocado Lover Needs To Know
Image source: Reproduction/Internet

As soon as the seed gives a sprout, it can be transplanted into the ground and you can wait for it to grow.

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