What Not To Put In The Microwave: 4 Important Tips

To not spoil the microwave and the food you want to cook, it is important to know what not to put in the microwave. Here are a few ideas.

Food containers with metal. Even a small metal handle on a food container can cause a fire. When microwaves affect a metal, its molecules begin to vibrate but do not find an outlet and heat until a fire appears on the paper nearby.

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Foil. Foil is used to block the action microwave’, so it’s not smart to try to reheat food wrapped in this material in the microwave. This can lead to sparks and fire.

What Not To Put In The Microwave: 4 Important Tips
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Drying herbs. Want to dry a bunch of dill or parsley? Using a microwave for this is a bad idea. There is not enough liquid in such herbs, and if you overexpose them a little, fire is inevitable.

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Eggs in the shell. One of the most common mistakes is trying to boil an egg in the microwave. If the shell is not broken, the steam generated inside the egg under the microwaves’ influence does not find a way out, and the egg bursts with pleasure. If the shell is not whole, the eggs can be reheated.

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