Five Ways To Preserve Nutrients In Foods

Even the best food items will lose their usefulness if not properly cooked. Which foods are healthier and in what form? To maximize your health benefits from food, use these tips. 

Boiled vegetables: better in the microwave

The lesser time vegetables are cooked, the more nutrients and vitamins they retain. And the quickest way to boil them is to put them in the microwave. Next time, when boiling vegetables for a vinaigrette, place them in a glass saucepan, pour in a little – about two tablespoons – of water, and put in the microwave.

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Five Ways To Preserve Nutrients In Foods
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Cabbage: best raw

Did you know that cabbage loses up to 90% of its vitamin C when we heat it? Therefore, try to consume it raw when making salads from it. If you don’t like raw cabbage because of its toughness, add avocado to the salad and season it with olive oil.

Cashews: better fried

Cashews, and other nuts, are best consumed fried. This is because roasting helps release the nutrients and antioxidants found in nuts. Fry them at a temperature of 260 degrees for about 30 minutes, stirring from time to time.

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Tomatoes: better as a paste

A study found that tomato paste contains twice the amount of lycopene, a substance that fights heart disease and cancer, than raw tomatoes. This is because the heat treatment releases the lycopene from the tomato fibers. If you don’t really trust store-bought tomato paste, make it yourself. To do this, twist the tomatoes in a meat grinder and cook them over low heat. Stir the paste from time to time – it will be ready when it begins to thicken and takes on a deep red color.

Sweet potato: best dried

Sweet potato is a beneficial product for the body. It has healing properties and is recommended for people with diabetes. Sweet potato regulates blood sugar levels. It can be used boiled, fried, stewed, and fried like chips. So: dried sweet potatoes, as studies have shown, are the most useful for the body.

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Sources: Today Lifestyle