Tips from Teachers to Help your Children do a Good Job at Home

Since the start of confinement, the 12 million students and their parents have had to adapt to the new “home school” system, which is not always easy for everyone. The teachers, who have been forced to review their working methods, going from the blackboard to the computer, are trying as best they can to support the students in this ordeal. 

Chrystelle is a CM1-CM2 class teacher, Elodie is a middle school-high school teacher of German and Rachel * (first name changed) is a professor of economic and social sciences in second and final year. On deck since the start of confinement, they give testimony and advice so that the children can work at best, from home.

Keep the Rhythm

Spending all your days at home can quickly make you want to stay in bed in your pajamas all day. However, confinement is not a vacation!

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So, to be efficient and responsive, a basic piece of advice: keep a rhythm similar to a “normal” school day. Rachel is formal on this point: “It’s a rhythm that you have to set yourself: getting up, having breakfast, showering, getting dressed, respecting meal times. only there that we will be able to work well and motivate ourselves. “

Comments which are also made by Elodie: “In general, we must continue to have the same rhythm with the homework done and the lessons learned regularly.” During the Easter holidays, some parents also plan to continue school at home to keep this ritual and these activities.

Tips to helps children learn better

Support Without Stressing 

But Chrystelle wants to reassure parents: there is no miracle method and no universal recipe to apply at home, each parent does with the means at their disposal. Not everyone is comfortable giving academic explanations, nor does they have the same time to supervise during the day.

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The idea is to support as much as possible without overloading yourself by wanting to become a substitute teacher. This is why teachers are all the more available. “I bet on the relational side with the families. Our relations have also evolved a lot positively since the beginning of the confinement. I am there to support them as much as possible with the children as soon as they need it”, says Chrystelle.

The three teachers even decided not to do graded evaluations during the period. They work in quizzes or simple exercises, emphasizing that stress should not be added to the stress.

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