How to Protect Your Baby Against Heat Wave

HEALTH HAPPINESS- 30, 32, 35 degrees temperatures that infants and young children cannot tolerate. Here’s how you can protect them.

During a heatwave, nurseries often recommend that parents keep children at home. Sometimes, the municipality decides to close certain establishments ill-suited to these extreme conditions, as in Tours this week, for example.

As a result, parents have to deal with the unexpected and take care of children at home when they are not necessarily better prepared. Here is a series of tips for adapting your home and lifestyle to provide maximum relief for babies and young children.

No Air Conditioning, we Adapt to the Rhythm of the Heat Wave

The air conditioning? Bof! This is not ideal for the planet or for your baby, who can even catch a cold and be disturbed by noise. If you really want to use it, then set it 5 degrees cooler than outside a few hours before bedtime, and turn it off overnight. If you have ventilated your home well, a good draft will suffice to cool the room.

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Greener and more natural, we advise you above all to adapt your rhythm of life to the climatic conditions: go out with your child in your garden, in the square or in the courtyard of the building during the cool hours, that is, say early in the morning or late at night. In hot countries, it is quite common to see parents having dinner with their babies still awake at 10 or 11 p.m.

Once outside, sunscreen and a hat are mandatory. If you have a small inflatable pool in the backyard, this is the time when you will not regret your purchase. When it comes to clothes, leave it in layers! Some parents even take advantage of the heat to let him roam naked and start the initiation of the potty.

A Seasonal and Cold Diet

Also adapt its diet to the season and the heat. The baby is like you, he does not want to stuff a beef carrot under 40 degrees. His diet will instead consist of cold bottles, fresh soups, gazpacho, seasonal vegetables and fruits (tomatoes, cucumbers, peaches, melons, etc).

Conversely, during the hottest hours, from around 1 to 5 p.m., your baby should stay cool at home. Draw the blinds in every room, ventilate his bedroom, or put a large wet sheet in front of the window and lay him down for a nap. More generally, follow our tips for keeping your home cool , they will be just as useful for your baby!

Hydrate your Child Regularly

A baby rarely asks to drink spontaneously: it’s up to you to offer him water at regular intervals, and insist if he refuses (he may just be in his “no” period to everything and will eventually accept) . If you are green, you opt for the glass bottle and the gourd.

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There are other ways to hydrate your baby: apply damp cloths to his neck, hair, temples. You can even wet clothes or a hat that you leave on his head. Give him baths, but be careful, in slightly warm water and not too cold, because the temperature difference can cause thermal shocks.

Finally, some nurseries practice the little extra thing: entertain him with toys captured in ice cubes or ice packs. As it melts, the ice refreshes your child and gradually frees the toy prisoner! Enough to make ice cubes and girls happy.

Adapted and translated by The Wiki Avenue Staff

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