Researchers Named 5 Reasons Why Drinking Beer Is Good For you

Read on to find out why drinking beer is healthy for you, according to researchers.

Researchers Named 5 Reasons Why Drinking Beer Is Good For you

1. Beer will make you live longer

Researchers at Virginia Tech found that people who regularly drink beer in moderation are 19% less likely to die an early death than those who do not drink a drop.

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2. Beer helps you lose weight

There is a widespread stereotype in society that people get fat from drinking beer. But a new book by King’s College London professor Tim Spector says otherwise. It says that light beer is a good source of nutrition for beneficial gut bacteria, making the digestive system more efficient.

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3. Beer helps fight cancer

This alcoholic beverage contains ingredients that can help your body fight cancer. In hops, in particular, xanthohumol is found – a flavonoid that inhibits carcinogenic enzymes.

4. Beer helps the brain to function normally

A study published in the New England Medical Journal found that women who drink one glass of beer a day are less likely to suffer from cognitive problems caused by aging.

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5. Beer doesn’t really give you a beer belly

A study by the UCL Foundation aimed to prove the link between the amount of beer a person drank and how quickly her belly rounds. No scientific evidence of this has ever been found here.

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