Researchers Named 5 Reasons Why Drinking Beer Is Good For you

Read on to find out why drinking beer is healthy for you, according to researchers.

1. Beer will make you live longer

Researchers at Virginia Tech found that people who regularly drink beer in moderation are 19% less likely to die an early death than those who do not drink a drop.

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2. Beer helps you lose weight

There is a widespread stereotype in society that people get fat from drinking beer. But a new book by King’s College London professor Tim Spector says otherwise. It says that light beer is a good source of nutrition for beneficial gut bacteria, making the digestive system more efficient.

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3. Beer helps fight cancer

This alcoholic beverage contains ingredients that can help your body fight cancer. In hops, in particular, xanthohumol is found – a flavonoid that inhibits carcinogenic enzymes.

4. Beer helps the brain to function normally

A study published in the New England Medical Journal found that women who drink one glass of beer a day are less likely to suffer from cognitive problems caused by aging.

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5. Beer doesn’t really give you a beer belly

A study by the UCL Foundation aimed to prove the link between the amount of beer a person drank and how quickly her belly rounds. No scientific evidence of this has ever been found here.

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