Coffee With Milk: Health Benefits And Harms

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Some people drink it black; others prefer Americano with milk, cappuccino, and latte. But is coffee with milk healthy or, on the contrary, harmful? To clearly understand the effect of milk on coffee properties, you should know what properties it has.

Milk increases the calorie content of coffee

A standard-sized cup of coffee contains only 2 kcal. There are already 49 kcal in coffee with milk, and if you add sugar, the energy value will increase even more. Therefore, if you are monitoring the calorie intake, you need to regulate the amount of milk. But if not, you can enjoy a cup of coffee with milk.

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Coffee With Milk: Health Benefits And Harms
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Milk is rich in carbohydrates

One of the main nutrients found in milk is carbohydrates. They are useful because they give us energy. Thus, you will enjoy not only the stimulating effect of coffee but also energized by milk.

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Milk contains protein

Milk is an excellent source of protein that is great for building muscle and body tissue. A 180 ml cup contains at least 2g of protein.

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