How To Relieve Stress: Helpful Meditation Tips

Stress is unavoidable these days, so to get rid of it easily, we can use meditation. We only need a few minutes to complete it. You can use this technique both at home and at work. Meditation will not only help you relieve stress but also avoid possible serious problems, such as depression.

Stress Relief Meditation

Stress relief meditation can be done at home or in the office, or even while standing in line. The most important thing is to find in our breakneck pace of life and events only 10 minutes to spend it.

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Meditation Technique for Stress Relief

  • Sit comfortably, straighten your back and place both feet on the floor. Close your eyes and try not to think or fantasize about anything.
  • Then squeeze your right hand into a fist and tighten all the muscles of the arm. Then relax. Do this simple exercise with every muscle group in your body.
  • Use your own memory; mentally transfer yourself to the moment when you were perfect, for example, on vacation – memories of a sunny beach or deserted mountains will be beneficial. Fill your mind and your body with these fond memories.
  • At this point, “shake off” your stress. Imagine being completely overwhelmed by very pure light, washing away the dirt of stress from you. Exhale stress and add lightness to your life.
  • Feel the state of peace that overwhelms you. Sit a little more with your eyes closed, play with your fingers and toes. You are now relieved of stress and ready to open your eyes.

How To Relieve Stress: Helpful Meditation Tips

Aids in meditation to relieve stress

To enhance the stress-relieving effect of meditation, you can also use some techniques to improve it, of course, if possible.

Fresh air. If possible, go outside and find a spot in a quiet park. If not, open a window at home, in the office, or even on the bus.

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Music for meditation. Choose those tunes that will help you tune in to a meditative mood. Perhaps it will be the sounds of the sea or the chirping of birds. You can also choose something from the classics with a light sound of flutes.

Aromatherapy. You can enhance the effect of meditation with pleasant aromas. Put a few drops of water with geranium or lavender essential oils in an aroma lamp or aroma upon. These scents can help relieve stress and anxiety. If you do not have an aroma lamp or aroma upon, you can drop a few drops on a handkerchief. Of course, use these scents if you are not allergic.

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