Improving Your Quality Of Life: Seven Easy Ways

To change your life quality, you do not have to quit your job and change your place of residence or environment. Start with the little things that surround us every day. By changing the approach, the quality of life will also change, psychologist Natalia Lomonosova is sure about this. On her Instagram, she gave useful tips on how you can improve your life.

1. Get organized

This applies to the desktop, in the wardrobe, in the environment, in the thoughts. A clean workspace is always a pleasure. A properly chosen wardrobe is comfortable and beautiful. Go for quality, not quantity.

Give up cheap clothes as well as from communicating with people who cause rejection. Keep such contacts to a minimum. And to purify thoughts, avoid negative images in thinking. Focus on the positives. Practice meditation – it helps to feel the moment here and now.

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2. Plan your day

Planning gives a sense of meaningfulness, importance. Introduce morning and evening routines – mandatory routines upon waking and before bed. Waking up early, jogging, breakfast will invigorate. An evening shower, reading a book, or yoga can help you tune in to a pleasant sleep. Develop the required steps and follow them. Also, planning allows you not to lose important things and get more done.

3. Make your meals mindful

Eat slowly, lightly, and healthily. Always stay a little hungry.

Improving Your Quality Of Life: Seven Easy Ways
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4. Limit your viewing of social networks and news

Stop watching and worrying about someone else’s life. You have yours – do it.

5. Walk

Wherever you can do without transportation, take a walk. To the store, shopping, to work. Walking has a positive effect on the state of the body and the train of thought. 

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6. Feel free to say “no” when you should or want to

Remember your dignity.

7. Learn positive thinking

Accept yourself as you are. Find positive moments every day and time for small pleasures: cozy tea-drinking, scented candles, taking a bath, watching a movie, etc.

“Take these steps as a guide to organizing your living space, and life will be filled with awareness,” the psychologist recommends.

Adapted and translated by Wiki Avenue Staff

Sources: Today Lifestyle