Learn How To be Creative In Any Situation: Five Games For Kids And Adults

Many professions now require blogging. And to be able to create presentations and excitingly talk about your business is already a necessity. Creativity is needed not only for people working in the creative field, says professional psychologist Evgenia Zheleznyak. On her Instagram, she brought five short super games to learn how to be creative in any situation. These play exercises are suitable for both adults and children.

Five games to learn to be creative

1. Choose your favorite story or movie. Come up with three alternative versions of how events might develop. For example, Winnie the Pooh could go wandering the world and meet new friends in Greenland.

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2. Imagine yourself as a professional writer and come up with a story of the birth and life of a fairy-tale character, for example, Baba Yaga! She was not always old.

3. Observe passers-by from the window. Notice people talking. What they are talking about is inaudible. Play voice acting. You come up with words for dialogue for one interlocutor, a child for another.

Learn How To be Creative In Any Situation: Five Games For Kids And Adults
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4. Come up with a personal story of the passer-by. Where is he from? Who is by profession? What business is it going on?

5. Write down the 10 words that come to mind first—for example, a telephone, a wardrobe, an ant, pants, Antarctica, etc. Now draw a coherent drawing where all these elements are present. Or write a short story using all of these words!

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“These exercises help develop imagination and inspire. There are no uncreative people. The main thing is to remember to get this inner energy! Be sure to try these games with the whole family. Every person is born capable of creativity. Someone manifests this in the ability to write poetry, someone – sometimes she loves to create in the kitchen, but someone’s creative approach helps in finding solutions in the work of an accountant, “explained the psychologist.

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