How To Find Work-Life Balance: Five Steps

How to combine work and personal life without prejudice in one area or another worried many people. But there is no perfect recipe here because a lot depends on your goals, desires, and needs. Coach and happiness coach Alla Klimenko on her Instagram named five ways to help you find a balance between work and personal life.

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1. Success and happiness are very close. Especially if success for you is not what others see but what you feel inside.

2. You always want to get three simple secrets to harmony and balance. But here, everything is a little deeper.

“What do I really want? Who am I? What do I love? What do I dislike? Do I need it? And do I really need it? What would I do if I knew what exactly would work out? To do (s), if I knew that no one would judge? “

How To Find Work-Life Balance: Five Steps
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Ask yourself promotional questions often, and be honest with yourself. Trying to keep balance on a flimsy foundation is not a good idea, Klimenko is sure.

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3. Do not try to catch everything. Why do you need this? Prioritize, do what matters most, and enjoy life.

4. Do not blame your work for not doing anything. It has nothing to do with it. But don’t blame yourself either. Just understand that you can change everything.

5. When planning a day, week, or month, remember planning a non-work schedule; you are planning your life.

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