How To Have A Perfect Weekend: 10 Simple Rules

Not everyone has weekends – these are days when you can really relax and unwind. You need to be able to plan a vacation. Many people endure cleaning, washing, ironing, and cooking on weekends, which in most cases kills the whole mood. These weekends not only reduce the chances of success at work but also harm your health. So here are Lisa’s 10 Ideal Weekend Rules.

Plan your weekend from Monday

No, this is not a boring rule for older adults. This is an effective rule of thumb to help you get organized! Start planning ahead of time to go on the weekend, who you will meet, and what household chores you need to do.

Yes, there is a place for spontaneity, but it should be dosed and partly, at least a little foreseen. Even planned things have their own charm – you will be in pleasant anticipation of a pleasant pastime. Either it will be an exhibition of contemporary art or a bright upcoming concert! Thus, cleaning the house will not be at the forefront, which means that your weekend will not be limited to just that.

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Don’t postpone housework only for the weekend.

Many people have a habit of putting off all their household chores until Saturday and Sunday. Naturally, on weekends you want to get together with the company and take a walk in the park, and in the evening go to the cinema, but you obviously need to give up something if everyday problems press. After all, you have not yet cleaned the closet, washed your clothes, and called the plumber to fix the tap. It happens that a mountain of household chores will fall on you, and you will be forced to deny yourself proper rest.

Do your share of household chores on a weekday, so you have free time on the weekend.

Meeting friends is essential!

Hanging out with friends on the weekend is the best way to shake things up before starting a new work week. Exchange the news, watch a movie together, play your favorite board game. The best leisure option for a company at any time of the year and weather is team games.

Unloved deeds – aside

There will always be some little things that won’t suit you, or you don’t like. You won’t be able to protect yourself from this at all, so make it a rule for yourself to devote about an hour to these matters one weekend. Time management gurus call this “eat the frog.” Don’t you like messing around in the kitchen for a long time? Why not make life easier for yourself with helpers around the house; multicooker, grill, dishwasher. Such investment is justified because they save energy and nerves.

Don’t sleep long on weekends

You want you to spend at least one day completely in bed on weekdays to drink hot cocoa and lazily clicking the remote control. However, this is a trap. You need a regime that is very important for the functioning of your body. You have many pleasant things to do, meetings, and planned events. Such a pastime is much more useful!

How To Have A Perfect Weekend: 10 Simple Rules
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Don’t overload yourself with things

You should pay attention to your to-do list; if it looks no less impressive than that of an important businessman, you are guaranteed stress. You will not get pleasure from your vacation because of the tight timing. Don’t try to take on a lot; 2-3 big things a day will be enough for you.

Make sure to set aside time for sports

The more you sit at work from Monday to Friday, the more active your weekend should be. Change your activities; go for a walk in the park, go dancing, yoga or go to the gym.

However, you don’t have to run to the gym to get your body fit for summer. Even if you are very busy, do sports right at home! If you systematically perform the exercises, you will not only tighten your figure over time, but your health will also be much better!

The logical sequence of movements

It doesn’t turn out that your day off is a day of one thing; you should think over your affairs’ logical sequence! For example, according to family traditions, you spend every Saturday with your parents, sitting at the table with a large family. However, this all takes a catastrophically long time; you will not go empty-handed, which means that you choose something for tea in the supermarket for a long time, then you go to the other end of the city, you will chat for 3 hours, then you go back. And voila – it’s already dark, and the day is over!

Undoubtedly, spending time with relatives is great, but you are unlikely to gain new impressions and vivid emotions. Think over everything in such a way that, for example, on the way to your relatives, you bought something you need for the house, met with a friend for a cup of coffee, and gave your jeans in the atelier.

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Ask for help

Think that maybe you are always in the role of a person who does not even have time to catch his breath, serving, and help serve others! Some people have neurotic behavior, which is caused by the fact that they want to prove their own goodness to others. If you have a large-scale business planned, do not hesitate to connect with other people to make it easier.

Do not go to social networks.

Going offline at the weekend is an awesome weekend! If you want to relax efficiently and with benefit, then you need to get rid of the habit of flipping through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., feed every minute. You will be surprised, but as soon as you put down the gadgets, you will immediately have much more time for real communication and planned activities. 

Consider these tips, and this weekend, you will spend it usefully and go to work with renewed strength!

Adapted and translated by Wiki Avenue Staff

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