How to Arrange Your Guest Room

It’s almost the season for weekends with friends and you can not wait to find them! The date has been set, they will come and sleep with you in a few weeks. But do you have a room worthy of the name to accommodate them? 

Here is an architect’s advice on how to design a guest room as welcoming as a room in a large hotel!

Create a Comfortable Bedroom for a Restful Sleep

“When we receive people, we must be able to offer them a comfortable place, in which their sleep will be restorative,” introduces Nicolas Ruiz, architect and founder of the HNA studio. If possible, set up your spare bedroom in a room away from the living areas. “If we have to get up early to go to work, for example, we don’t disturb them while we are getting ready.”

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The architect even recommends sound insulation of the room by the walls and choosing a solid wood door and not honeycomb that will let more noise. And if it is locked, it is all the more pleasant for your guests, who will be able to enjoy greater privacy. “It’s an important notion when you are received somewhere, emphasizes Nicolas Ruiz. Sometimes we need to isolate ourselves and find ourselves. ”

One of the other key points of restful sleep is obviously the comfort of the bedding. Ideally, choose a comfortable box spring and mattress in which you would like to spend the night. If space does not allow the installation of a bed, opt for a comfortable sofa bed. “You can also buy a mattress topper to transform an uncomfortable sofa into bedding in which you don’t ruin your back,” says Nicolas Ruiz.

Finally, to make your guests sleep soundly, offer them complete black. If your windows do not have shutters, install blackout curtains.“They have the advantage of being quite thick and also insulating from outside noise,” explains the architect.

What Decoration to Create a Nice Guest Room?

In the idea of ​​a relaxing room, you have to take care of your decoration. For example, for the choice of colors, turn instead to soothing tones, which promote sleep. 

“We can imagine a decoration in the continuity of the apartment, or on the contrary, a room with a particular theme,” suggests Nicolas Ruiz. “Plus, it can give you something to talk about for breakfast.”

It is also an opportunity to introduce your guests to your world—travel memories, photos, drawings, etc. The key is to take care of the decoration to become a pleasant cocoon to live in. If space allows, set up a small desk in case your host can find it easy to work.

Tidy Up and Prepare the Room to Avoid the Camping Effect

Obviously, your guest will have luggage… and he doesn’t necessarily want to sleep next to his half-open suitcase! “It is important to integrate storage in a guest room,” underlines the architect. Dressing, clothes rack, or chest of drawers, the choice is yours.

“We must give maximum autonomy to the guests,” adds Nicolas Ruiz. Anticipate requests, prepare clean towels, the wifi code, books. “Apart from the layout aspect, you also have to know how to be welcoming. It’s a state of mind”, concludes the architect.

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The idea is that your guest will feel confident and warmly received in your home, so don’t forget the little touches. Even if it usually has another function, a tidy room will be more pleasant to live in. Fresh flowers in a vase are also a nice touch. But yes, being a considerate host is almost a job.

Adapted and translated by The Wiki Avenue Staff

Sources: 18h39