How To Make Sugar Paste Mimosa With Ease

The mimosa in sugar paste is a must for any cake design. On the other hand, we can recreate the flower for other special occasions as well. The mimosa characteristic is that it is made up of many balls that have a soft and jagged appearance. To reproduce this detail, follow these two methods.

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1) Once brushed with water, roll it into a bed of grainy elements so that they cover it entirely. For this purpose, yellow wafer sprinkles, granulated sugar grains colored with the same color, or cornmeal are useful.

2) An alternative is to give the balls a grainy look right from the start. To get this, pass the sugar paste into the special extruder using a template with tiny holes and gently shape the balls.

How To Make Sugar Paste Mimosa With Ease
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In any case, you will have to compose the different balls. One idea is to create two or three shades of yellow to work on color variations.

Even the green elements of the mimosa are immediately recognizable by their jagged appearance. After making some leaves, shred them very closely. Or you can recreate them with real ice and draw many very close filaments.

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