How To Grow Garlic In Pots

The common kitchen ingredient, garlic, scientifically called Allium Sativum, has been known since ancient times for its numerous beneficial properties; it is a pesticide, antibacterial and antioxidant; garlic is also very healthy in case of hypertension, as it thins the blood favoring the diuresis, and is an effective remedy for flu and colds.

Because of its therapeutic properties, having garlic always available at home is really a good thing and, even if it certainly cannot be said that it is scarce in the kitchens of Mediterranean families, the good news is that its cultivation is really simple and does not require special care; by following our practical guide and some basic precautions, you will learn how to grow garlic in pots, on the balcony of the house, so you always have it handy for your recipes and healthy infusions! Read on.

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To cultivate garlic is simple; take a large clove from a common head of garlic purchased at the supermarket, just making sure that it is 100% organic (otherwise, it could contain substances that prevent it from germinating), and bury it in a vase with all the peel and the apex facing upwards at a depth of about 3 cm.

How To Grow Garlic In Pots
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If you have a large pot, you can bury even more cloves, as long as they are at a distance of about 10-15 cm from each other.

The soil does not need particular characteristics; it just needs to be well-drained because stagnant water could cause mold, feared by the plant and placed in a sunny place. The ideal temperature for germination is 15-20° C.
The best time to plant the bulbils is from October to March, to have fresh garlic ready to be consumed already in the spring!

Remember to water the seedling from time to time, at least twice a week; as soon as the stem has become yellow and dry (usually this happens in summer) and the leaves are crumpled, the seedling will be uprooted and left to dry in the open air for at least a week, or in any case when the outer covering of the bulbils has assumed the typical texture of the paper.

How To Grow Garlic In Pots
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At this point, you can clean the cloves from the soil, remove leaves and roots, and the garlic will be ready to be enjoyed in all its freshness!

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Finally, a recommendation; keep the garlic cool and dry, bright but away from direct light sources, for example, inside a perforated container, and carefully avoid plastic bags to store it. Also, as soon as it blooms, be careful to cut the flower stems as soon as possible to prevent them from absorbing all the precious nutritional properties of your cloves!

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