How To Grow Articokes: 5 Practical Tips

To start your artichoke farm, first, choose between autumn and spring varieties based on where you live. Once you have planted them, you can then grow artichokes for several years, even up to 6-7 years. Here are some practical tips to keep in mind.

1) Till the soil about half a meter deep, with organic elements such as compost or manure. This process is done at the beginning of the summer season or in autumn, depending on how you decide to start the artichoke cultivation.

2) You can start, in fact, from the seedlings, from the Carducci or the sprouts of the artichokes, or the ovolo. In general, the elements plant about 1 meter apart, but, depending on the variety, the space between the rows can be smaller or larger.

How To Grow Articokes: 5 Practical Tips
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3) To grow artichokes in the ground, always keep the soil moist with irrigation through the furrows. To not frustrate the artichoke preparation, water stagnation must be avoided; therefore, if you have such problems, you can design raised flower beds.

4) In autumn, especially if you live in areas with a cold climate, tuck the artichokes, then put some earth at their base. You can also prepare a mulch with mature manure or compost.

5) After the first year of cultivation, unhinging is carried out every year, usually at the end of winter and in autumn, but, depending on the variety and the contingencies, the frequency of operations may vary.

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