Growing Oregano With Ease: 7 Tips

Growing oregano will give you the spectacle of a plant that spreads spontaneously in the garden. The aromatic herb can also find its place in pots on the balcony; it is resistant and is not subject to particular issues. It thrives well in warm areas. The aroma from this plant will not be missing in our recipes. In addition to using it for pizza and Caprese, you can also prepare to originate anchovies, mozzarella all pizzaiola, or chicken breast with oregano sauce.


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Grow oregano in the vegetable garden

  • Choose sunny locations.
  • To grow oregano in the open field, avoid water stagnation, which can cause the roots to rot.
  • Pay attention also to low temperatures, as they are not really suitable for oregano.
  • After harvesting the twigs for storage, cut the oregano almost to the ground to encourage new sprouts. Leave some flowers to encourage self-reproduction.
  • If you want to start with a seed, start at the seedbed in winter and transfer the plants to the garden in late spring by planting them about 10 inches apart.
Growing Oregano With Ease: 7 Tips
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Grow oregano in pots

  • If you want to have oregano seedlings on the balcony, take containers that are at least 20 centimeters wide and ensure a fairly fertile and well-drained soil.
  • As for irrigation, to cultivate oregano in pots, let the soil dry between one watering and the other and avoid water stagnation.

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