How To Grow Chicory In Pots: 5 Useful Tips

Cultivating chicory in pots does not require great expertise. The varieties are many. First of all, you can make a distinction between cut chicory and head chicory. Radicchio is also part of this large family. If you have always wondered how to grow this amazing plant, then you have come to the right place. Read along with me.

1) There are many varieties of chicory. To plant them in pots at the balcony, the sugar loaf, or, if you prefer cutting chicory, the Biondissima di Trieste can work well.

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2) Chicory shows certain adaptability to various soil and climatic conditions, so you can also use universal soil. To cultivate it, it is best to avoid soil with a high degree of compactness.

3) In any case, it is important that there is a good flow of water, so equip yourself with a pot with the hole, cover the hole with pieces of earthenware without filling it, and pour some expanded clay until it reaches the height a few centimeters. 

How To Grow Chicory In Pots: 5 Useful Tips
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4) Be constant in chicory irrigation grown in pots and, periodically, dig the topsoil a little.

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5) In general, chicory can be sown and planted almost all year round. The exact times vary depending on the variety, so, from month to month, you’ll find seedlings of the period. 

If, on the other hand, you want to start from the seeds and put them directly into the ground, in principle, for the head chicory, you can proceed in spring and summer, but, in fact, for some varieties, it can also be exceeded. As for cutting chicory, you can also sow them in autumn, until December, and at the end of winter, with the necessary protection and in any case not in too rigid periods. 

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