Growing Lettuce: The Golden Rules

Have you ever wanted to have a fresh salad that has a fresh taste, especially in summer? If you love to grow your own food, whether or not you have already created your own small garden on the terrace or the balcony of your house, know that, among the many vegetables, lettuce is a must-have; the golden rules to follow are very few and simple, because it is easy to care for.

Keep in mind that there are many varieties of lettuce, smooth, romaine, or cap, which share the same beneficial properties; they contain a lot of water and fiber and, of course, vitamins and minerals. Here is more.

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First of all, you will have to decide whether to carry out the sowing – possibly in a seedbed – or whether to start directly with the cultivation of the seedlings purchased in the nurseries. If you opt for sowing, keep in mind that this is done, preferably in the waning moon phase, from early spring to late autumn, therefore for most of the year excluding winter, it is preferable to sow at broadcast manually.

Growing Lettuce: The Golden Rules
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All varieties grow easily and quickly, and their roots do not require excessive depth; take care to bury the seeds in the classic terrace pots of any shape, as long as they are at least 60 cm long and 25 cm deep, filled with earth enriched with compost or mature manure and with expanded clay or sand and gravel arranged on the bottom, to facilitate water drainage.

Lettuce does not necessarily need direct sun to grow; you can water it once in a while, to prevent the water from stagnating; in summer,  be careful not to wet the plants directly to prevent the leaves from burning, while in case of frost remember to cover them with a protective cloth.

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After about a month from sowing, you can start cutting the first leaves, soft and crunchy, to enrich your salads, which will surely now have a more intense and tasty flavor!

One last tip; take care to completely cut the lettuce head now and then, not flush with the ground, but making sure to leave about 3 cm of foliage so that the plant always grows again.

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