Growing Peppers In Pots: 7 Useful Tips

Cultivating the peppers in the jar is easy. To see the vegetables growing on the balcony, we foresee a sunny position and do not neglect the watering. Upstream, to choose the varieties, we can undoubtedly consider the color, green, yellow, or red. Read on to find out more.

1) These vegetables love heat and suffer from low temperatures. To position them, choose areas well exposed to the sun.

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2) To grow peppers, take quite large pots. If you insert only one plant, it should have a width and a depth of at least 30 centimeters. Orient on boxes at least 40-60 centimeters long if you want to plant two or three seedlings. In any case, prepare the containers with a piece of earthenware on the base hole, without obstructing it completely, and some expanded clay to allow the water to drain.

3) For peppers, medium-textured and fertile soil is indicated.

4) As for irrigation, try to be constant and not wait for the soil to become dry.

Growing Peppers In Pots: 7 Useful Tips
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5) If you are a beginner, start the cultivation of peppers in pots from seedlings. Alternatively, to start with sowing, proceed between winter and spring.

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6) To cultivate peppers in pots while developing, fertilize them with nettle macerate.

7) In addition to the topping, use stakes about half a meter long; you will need them to support the peppers, especially if our balcony is in a windy area.

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