Here is How Colors Can Affect Your Mood

If you were thinking of upgrading any room in the house or office, it’s time to consult the color palette and see what they do with our emotions!


If you think that black color cannot be in your home decor, you are very wrong. It is a powerful color, incredibly simple and elegant for the office, for example. But don’t forget to keep the space well lit, using a natural and artificial light source.

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It is a refined, calm, and reserved color and will not work very well for interiors that need a relaxed and lively atmosphere. White can be applied in environments that need to be simple, clean, and relaxed.

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It is perfect for decorating rooms and those corners of the house to read and relax. It gives a touch of elegance to the environment but should be used sparingly, as it also refers to sadness, longing, and melancholy. Hints of purple combine perfectly with gray, white, and other softer colors.

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It is a cold color, associated with air and water and is commonly used in bathrooms. Because it is the color of tranquility, it can be used in busy environments and children’s and adult rooms. The light tones convey the sensation of calm, while the darker tones bring the air of seriousness, purity, and confidence and combine with touches of white.

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Many colors compete with green in terms of freshness and liveliness. But, it can also convey the feeling of calm and relaxation in the lightest tones. Feel free to use it in bedrooms and living rooms.

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It is a warm, cozy color and provides a perfect rustic style. Many like the brown color to convey the feeling of tranquility, reliability, and comfort. Also, it is a color that accepts combination with opposite and contrasting colors.

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There is no doubt that red is the color of passion and energy. Fits perfectly in living rooms, TV rooms, and other rooms that require good vibes. But remember that overusing color can make the environment tiring and heavy and may even increase your heart rate.

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Many designers consider this a problematic color, as it is often associated with feminine and infantile and rejected immediately, without hesitation. However, there are several shades of pink that can leave the environment fresh and luxurious.

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