10 Simple Tips to Bring More Security to Your Day-to-Day Life

Walk with a fake wallet.

When you leave, always take a second wallet with you and place it where you usually keep your real wallet – the latter should be kept in an inner pocket, more hidden. Put some money and papers in the fake wallet. If someone steals it, the problem will not be so big.

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Use unusual objects to hide your money while traveling.

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When traveling, you should always take some extra cash with you. The best way to hide it is inside a small, discreet object. An old deodorant tube can be used perfectly for this.

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Use crossbody bags

Shoulder bags and people who do not hold their bags all the time become easy targets for thieves who end up pulling. This can be avoided by using a crossbody bag, as it is more difficult to carry. Don’t forget to keep one hand in your bag at all times and use it in front of you.

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Always keep your yard clean, especially if you are traveling.

A sloppy yard with tall grass can signal to thieves that the owner has not been home for some time. That’s why it’s important to keep your yard as clean as possible at all times. If you’re going to travel, you can hire someone to mow your lawn and make your yard look presentable.

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Throw away the packaging boxes immediately

Keeping used packaging boxes from your new TV or laptop can also tell criminals what valuable items you have in your home. The best way to stay safe is to rip the boxes and throw them away immediately.

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Store ladders, hammers, and other tools

Many people leave their tools and ladders outside because they think they are safe. But this is a bad habit because it puts your home security at risk. After using these tools, you must leave everything out of sight.

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Use a “care for the dog” sign.

Put a “watch out for the dog” sign at your gate, even if you don’t have a dog. This simple warning will make strangers think twice about entering your home.

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Protect your bag while shopping at the supermarket

When using a shopping cart while you walk around the market, keep your bag attached to the cart, securing it by the handle. This will help prevent someone from taking advantage of your distraction and running away with the bag.

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Know the cancellation numbers of your cards

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The cancellation numbers must be separated from your cards. If you lose your card or it is stolen, it won’t be a problem. You can cancel the card before it can be used or before the money can be withdrawn.

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Do not keep your spare key in the correspondence box.

Instead of using such an obvious place to hide your house keys, you can bury them in your yard. To do this, use an empty medicine bottle and a stone.

Glue the stone to the bottle cap, place the keys inside, and bury the bottle in the floor so that only the stone appears. Don’t forget where you buried it and what the stone looks like.

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