Common Mistakes Women Make While Doing a Manicure

Sanding back and forth with force

Forcefully sanding your nails back and forth damages and weakens your nails, making them break more easily. When sanding, make circular movements or in one direction to avoid damaging your nails.

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Use cotton swabs

When the enamel is around the nails, cleaning with cotton can smudge, and you will have to start all over again. Instead of using cotton swabs, use a thin makeup brush to wipe away excess.

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Do not apply enamel under the edges of the nails.

Applying enamel under the nails’ edges will prevent flaking during various activities that include water, such as washing dishes or washing your hair.

When we do these activities, the water gets stuck between the nail and the enamel, causing it to rise and chip at the top edges. Therefore, applying enamel under the edges will completely seal this area and help your nails last longer.

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Cut your cuticles

Almost all women make this mistake, even in beauty salons. However, cutting your cuticles carries a great health risk because you leave unprotected cuts on your fingers that can be infected.

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Also, when the cuticles start to grow again, they come back looking thick. The most recommended is to use a chopstick and push them back. This way, you will protect your nails against infections.

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Do not wash your materials

It is important always to clean the objects you use to do your nails. According to research, the area around and under our nails stores many bacteria, and if these tools are not being washed with disinfectant, you are allowing the spread of germs.

It is not recommended to store tools in a closed bag. The best way to store materials is in an open container, and use disinfectant or alcohol to clean them before and after each use.

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