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How to Make a Hand Sanitizer that Definitely Works

A home sanitizer made with these simple recipes is just as effective as a store-bought sanitizer.
We talk about health based on research by scientists. Everything so that you do not miss dangerous symptoms, buy working drugs, and properly take care of yourself.

What should be the composition of a hand sanitizer

For an antiseptic to be useful, it must contain at least 60% alcohol. Epidemiologic background of hand hygiene and evaluation of the most important agents for scrubs and rubs. Only in such a concentration can alcohol destroy the lipid (fatty) membrane of viruses they attach to cells.

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Vodka and other spirits are not suitable for these purposes: the alcohol concentration is not so high.

Hand sanitizer
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Only technical or medical alcohols that are not suitable for ingestion have the required concentration. You can buy them, as a rule, in pharmacies or stores of technical and industrial goods.

It destroys not only the shells of viruses but also the fatty layer on the skin. This leads to excessive dryness, irritation, itching, microcracks appear, where infection can later penetrate.

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For a hand sanitizer to be both effective and safe, it must combine the correct concentration of alcohol and additives that moisturize and protect the skin (such as aloe gel and glycerin).

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