Here Are The Best Snacks To Eat Between Meals

It is difficult to stick to three meals a day, so sometimes you cannot do without snacks. Of course, chips and cheese sticks are not the best choice, especially if you are worried about your figure and health. Nutritionists are suggesting more nutritious and healthy snack options.

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Diet bars

Eating such bars is often not very healthy, but they will be a great alternative to cookies and other common sweets. Choose carefully, as some manufacturers do add more sugar, increasing the calorie content of the snack.

Here Are The Best Snacks To Eat Between Meals

Bananas and nut butter

Any nut butter contains a large amount of protein, which is necessary for us to maintain a healthy diet. Bananas are potassium, so this sweet treat will give you the energy you need. Try using rye bread instead of white bread for cooking, as it has more fiber and less sugar.


Nutritionists recommend using low-fat Greek yogurt parfait. Yogurt contains calcium, nuts are rich in protein, and oatmeal is rich in fiber. You can also sweeten your dessert with fresh fruit and honey.

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Tomato juice

Tomato juice can be used not only to quench thirst but also as a complete snack. Tomato juice contains half as much sugar as, for example, orange juice.

Daily consumption of five prunes slows down bone mineral density loss and reduces the risk of osteoporosis. Scientists say that prunes are rich in nutrients important for bone health, including potassium and vitamin K. Sweet by nature, they are perfectly healthy foods to include in breakfast or snack between meals.

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