How To Choose The Perfect Apples

Let us find out how to find the perfect apple in the store and how this fruit can be dangerous to your health. Market counters and supermarkets offer hundreds of varieties of apples, and experts say that even if the apples were processed from pests, there is nothing wrong with that, provided that you wash the apples well and eat them in small quantities.

An apple can be dangerous for people with seasonal blossom allergies. In this case, even one fruit can be life-threatening. But even if there is no allergy, apples treated with chemicals for long-term storage can cause negative reactions. Such fruits are easily visible; they are perfectly shaped and dazzle with their brilliance.

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One of the most dangerous substances is diphenyl. It destroys all types of fungi, but it is difficult to wash it off the fruit’s surface, even with hot water and soap. It is safer to wax, especially if it is beeswax or palm wax. But some apples sparkle on their own. But it isn’t easy to understand by eye whether exactly the apple is processed.

A perfect-looking apple can be natural and healthy. To choose just that, pay attention to these tips below.

How To Choose The Perfect Apples

The ideal apple

  • Not less than 6cm in diameter
  • No damage from pests
  • Whole, clean
  • No unpleasant odor
  • No plaque

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  • With a dry surface
  • No wrinkles or blemishes
  • Not lighter than 90g

And if the apples go bad, it’s not a problem either. You can make juices, compotes from them, dry them, and add them to pies.

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