Top 7 Ways To Save Money In The Supermarket

In this article, we have put together practical and helpful tips on avoiding leaving half of your monthly salary while shopping for groceries while indulging yourself in goodies. Read on, and you will be surprised how much you will save.

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Write lists

The secret of this method lies in refraining from impulsive buying. When the brain perceives a specific list, it automatically analyzes the entire purchase’s total amount and weight. Thus, you subconsciously avoid unnecessary things because you understand that the planned amount may not be enough, and the package is already quite heavy.

Lists can be written on mobile phones using special applications.

Avoid brands

It is enough to choose less popular brands because they are much cheaper and most of the same quality as well-known advertised brands.

Follow the discounts

Most supermarkets publish weekly promotional newspapers, where all promotional offers of a certain period are placed. In such cases, if there is an opportunity to buy a product at a reduced price, it should be used.

You can also follow the discounts of large retail chains online.

Happy hours and days of the week

Top 7 Ways To Save Money In The Supermarket


Also, each supermarket has its own traditions. For example, -30% for cooking after 20:00, -10% for all fish on Thursdays, and so on. Just ask the hall staff about such offers and be “at the right time, in the right place.”

Use discount cards

Today, most supermarkets have their own loyalty programs; they provide discounts for each purchase.

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Buy in bulk

Bulk purchases are always beneficial, but they should also be approached wisely. It is unlikely that you will need 10 packs of mayonnaise at the price of 9 units, but here 10 kg of sugar or cereals necessarily useful.

Think over the menu

Top 7 Ways To Save Money In The Supermarket


Before going to the store, think over the number of dishes prepared from this or that set of products. Thus, you can avoid food leftovers needed for only one dish and take up space in the refrigerator.

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