How To Open Wine Without A Corkscrew: Top 5 Proven Ways

Many people are familiar with the situation when you need to open a bottle of wine, but there is no corkscrew at hand. Someone is trying to pry open the cork with a knife; some are screwing in a screw to remove it with pliers.

We will look at proven ways that you can actually open a bottle. You need to be careful when using them. Otherwise, you risk getting cork pieces in your glass or cracks on the bottle.

Take a towel; the cloth should completely cover the bottle so that it does not slip out of your hands. Place the bottle of wine against the wall and start tapping the bottom of it until the cork pops out. It should be noted that this process is quite lengthy – it takes about 20 minutes. Also, do not knock too hard to avoid breaking the bottle.

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How to open a bottle of wine with a knife

Turn the bottle over to wet the inside of the cork. Gently drive the blade into the cork as deep as possible and then gently turn it in the same direction (clockwise) and pull upwards and remove the cork from the bottle.

The knife can be held not straight but slightly at an angle – this makes the plug unscrewed a little easier, and the probability of its damage is reduced. Sometimes, the cork still crumbles, and the pieces get into the wine, disrupting the aesthetics of serving. Another danger is to cut yourself.

How to open wine with a screw and pliers

This design mimics a corkscrew as much as possible. Take a long screw (e.g. 8 cm). Gently screw it into the middle of the cork and slowly pull it out with pliers. This method is not suitable for wines for which the cork was made of fragile wood – it will crumble, and the screw will fly out.

How to open a wine bottle with a drawstring

How To Open Wine Without A Corkscrew: Top 5 Proven Ways
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The lacing method is a modification of the screw. If the screw did not help pull out the cork for some reason but only made a hole in it, do not despair; take a clean lace, tie a tight knot at the end, thread the lace through the hole and pull. Just remember; only a shoelace or a strong rope is suitable for this – thin ones break.

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How to open a bottle of wine with improvised means

You can use sturdy cylindrical objects to push the wine cork inward; a marker, lipstick, a female stiletto heel, or even rolled heavy paper. Some people manage to press in the cork with their thumb. Although this method is effective, it can take quite a long time.

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