Top 6 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Washing Clothes

For things to be clean and not to lose their attractiveness after washing, it is necessary to exclude the typical mistakes that many have probably made. We will share the secrets of putting in powder and bleach, how to load the drum correctly, and others. Keep reading.

Rub away stains with force

This can cause the stain to settle further into the fabric’s fibers, and the fabric itself can fray and discolor. Instead, do it carefully and gently. First, treat the stain as quickly as possible. The less time passes, the better the result will be. Always use a white rag when wiping the stain. 

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Use too much powder

Excess foam can settle on clothes and remain in areas that are difficult to rinse, such as the fabric under the collar. This leads to the formation of additional plaque and the formation of bacteria. Try reducing your laundry detergent in half. If you see that things are not washing and you would like, gradually add the amount of it until you achieve the desired result. 

Top 6 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Washing Clothes

Do not close the zipper completely during washing 

The zipper’s metal teeth can damage other fabrics that are washed in the same drum of the machine.

Wash your shirts buttoned

It seems correct and neat, but this method can loosen the threads, and the buttons will come off, and the buttonholes will stretch. So take the time to open them all.

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Overuse bleach

Think twice before using it. In fact, bleach is not needed to remove stains such as blood, sweat, etc. Instead, use the old tried and truly sustainable method; toss your dirty socks, t-shirts, and underwear in a large bucket of water, add lemon slices and boil for a few minutes.

Don’t level the washing machine

If the machine is not balanced, this can damage the floor, premature wear of shock absorbers, and other machine elements. Put a level on the device’s surface and twist the legs; they are always adjustable in height. If this does not help, because the floor is very uneven, place a thick piece of plywood under the machine to reduce vibration.

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