Sweet Potato: Health Benefits And Cooking Secrets

The Ukrainians have tasted a new overseas vegetable – sweet potato. What is made from it, and will it be able to replace traditional potatoes fully? Let us find out more.

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Sweet Potato: Health Benefits And Cooking Secrets
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Its color resembles a pumpkin, and its shape is both carrots and potatoes. Little known to Ukrainians, sweet potato turns out to be that vegetable! It can be used to make desserts, soups, bake, make chips, and french fries.

What to cook with sweet potatoes

Chef Alik Badretdinov prepares two dishes at once for Segodnya. Cut the vegetable into large cubes and add the onion. And while the butter sizzles in the pan, and the sweet potato “languishes” under the lid, add the broth and grind it. This is the perfect side dish for meat.

Sweet Potato: Health Benefits And Cooking Secrets
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Then he makes sweet potato chips. They do not taste like potatoes at all, as they have a sweetish aftertaste. The only drawback is that the vegetable goes bad quickly if stored incorrectly. But even despite this, it became trendy among chefs.

Why is sweet potato useful, and how is it grown

Loved the sweet potato and nutritionists. It is low-calorie, quickly absorbed, and dishes from it, even ordinary ones, come out very original.

” There is a lot of starch in potatoes. Therefore, people who have type 2 diabetes should not eat it. Those who have problems with hemoglobin should not eat it. Sweet potatoes contain a little starch in their composition and a large amount of vitamin A.

Sweet Potato: Health Benefits And Cooking Secrets
Photo credit: Unsplash

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For the second year already, root crops have been grown at the Institute of Potato Growing, 11 varieties. The sweet potato tolerates drought well, but loves to be watered, loves organic matter. However, sweet potatoes are unlikely to replace traditional potatoes. Despite all the advantages, it is several times more expensive than potatoes.

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