Rose Essential Oil: How To Use It To Scent A Home

Roses are the queens of our gardens! We enjoy them daily, admiring them and pampering them even a little; in exchange, they delight us with their scent. Precious and fragrant roses can be used for many DIY projects such as candles, soaps, and home fragrances. Why not try out an essential rose oil, a  fragrance that helps relax and relieve stress, voicing an unmistakable fragrance? It doesn’t take much. 

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You will need

Fresh rose petals, glass jar, yogurt maker, spray bottle, or essence diffuser


Collect the most fragrant roses from the garden. If they are still damp with dew, leave them to dry for a couple of hours until the petals are removed.

Then remove the petals and place them in a glass jar. Then pour the almond or jojoba oil on the petals until they are completely submerged.

Rose Essential Oil: How To Use It To Scent A Home
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At this point, place the jar uncovered inside a yogurt maker to evaporate the humidity and speed up the infusion process. The yogurt maker maintains the fragrance of fresh roses without the danger of them molding in the cold oil.

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Turn on the machine keeping it closed, and let the petals ferment for about 48 hours. So take care to clean the condensation inside the lid twice a day because the rose petals contain a lot of water.

At the end of the work, the oil will have slightly changed color and a delicious scent. At this point, filter and squeeze the oil from the petals, then pour it into a spray bottle or an essence diffuser, and arrange it in the house’s corner. We will enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy, and we will no longer do without it.

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