How To Remove Pen Marks From The Wall

Children love to have fun with pens and markers. Sometimes, they can’t control the idea of ​​painting and drawing on the walls to create large and colorful murals. If they are washable markers, it is easy to pass and remove with a damp sponge. If they are permanent markers effective as they are used on different surfaces, it is impossible to remove any marks with soap and water. But how do you go about cleaning the marker marks off the wall?

Once you discover the problem put in place by children, the first thing to do is to politely explain to the little ones never to repeat them and use plain paper or posters to unleash their imagination.

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After that, run for cover. Remove the lines of the permanent marker but first choose the ideal procedure, and do a test on a small hidden area. 

Try the white toothpaste paste by spreading a small amount with a clean cloth. Leave on for ten minutes, then remove first with a dry cloth and then with a damp to remove any residue.  

How To Remove Pen Marks From The Wall
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What if the solution isn’t effective? Solve with denatured alcohol, But how do you use it?

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Spray a small amount of alcohol on a piece of cotton wool or cloth to spread the stain and dab on the area with the marker, making circular movements until the marker is removed.

If streaks remain, use another cloth wet with mild soap and water and remove the residues.

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