Office Exercises For Back Pain

Working on the computer can lead to poor posture resulting in back pain. It is advisable to take breaks during working hours by getting up and taking a short walk to get your back straight. How to remedy back pain considering that you have a few hours available and in any case only in the evening hours when you return home rather tired?

Try doing exercises for back pain using the chair and desk you have available in the office. These are simple exercises that help correct and maintain the back’s ideal posture and do some stretching. You will rediscover the long-lost well-being and relaxation. Here are some examples of exercises to perform, reminding you to breathe correctly.

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Exercises to do while sitting

1) Slowly come down with the torso towards the thighs and bring your hands to touch your toes. Come down, stay in position for fifteen seconds, and then return to the starting position by slowly unrolling your back.

Office Exercises For Back Pain
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2) Slightly move your back away from the backrest to put it straight, keep your legs apart, bring your arms behind your back and press the backs of your interlaced hands on the lower back, opening the shoulders and closing the shoulder blades. Hold the position for about ten seconds and do four repetitions

3) Put your torso straight and cross your hands behind your neck. Then push your elbows as far back as possible. Hold the position for a few seconds.

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4) To train and relax the neck muscles, take your back off the chair and lower your head to the right and left. Then rotate the head to the right and left, and then, again, rotate the head and torso first to the right and then to the left and then return to the center and repeat three times.

5) Stretch the cervical area muscles by placing your hands with crossed fingers on the nape of the neck and gently pushing the chin on the breastbone. Do this three times while holding the stretch for fifteen seconds.

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