Back Pain And House Cleaning: 7 Mistakes To Avoid For Correct Posture

Back pain and household cleaning can go hand in hand;  The question is, what to do to avoid pain? Let’s start with the correct posture and the mistakes to avoid.

So here are some positions and movements to watch out for when doing housework and chores.

1) When washing floors 

To wash floors and sweep without straining your back, don’t lean forward or sideways and don’t keep your legs stiff, so use a tool that’s long enough, don’t move it too far away from you, and flex your knees slightly.

2) When doing house chores while standing

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Do not bend your back and shoulders and do not always stay in the same position; try to stretch your legs now and then and place one foot once again, on a low stool.

3) When you iron

The errors and tricks also apply when ironing, also. Do not keep the ironing board in a low position, but position it at an optimal height so that it does not have to bend or arch your shoulders.

4) When you fix the bed

Don’t flex your back, but kneel or bend your knees a little.

5) When doing household chores from the top

Back Pain And House Cleaning: 7 Mistakes To Avoid For Correct Posture
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Don’t get up on your toes, but use a stool.

6) When you do some household chores below

To prevent back pain during housework that requires you to work in a low position, do not bend your back, but lower yourself with your legs slightly apart, sit or kneel.

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7) When you move something

If you grab something with your hands, for example, the laundry basket, don’t arch your back, but bend over with your legs slightly apart and slowly stand up, holding the object close to you.

If you move something with your body, don’t just strain your back by flexing it backward or forwards, but also use your legs.

Adapted and translated by Wiki Avenue Staff

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