Jump And Lose Weight: How To Lose Weight After The Holidays

It is impossible to refrain from festive goodies. But then you will have to work hard to shed off the extra pounds as it’s not too easy to stay in shape. “I bought various subscriptions to sports clubs, worked individually with instructors, but this is a little bit not for me – boring. But I found it on the Internet – jumping helps to lose weight. But not simple ones, but in special boots. To maintain balance, you need to spring back, “says Olga Shapoval.

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It is difficult for a beginner to fall into this frantic rhythm. In fact, jumping in such boots is not difficult, although they weigh 2.3 kg each. But without physical training, jumping at a furious pace for 15 minutes is very difficult; you want to sit down to rest. Break 5 minutes – and again, jumping like a kangaroo. In just an hour – four sections with rest. The trainer explains the specifics of the lesson.

Jump And Lose Weight: How To Lose Weight After The Holidays
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“To stand correctly and do the movements correctly, you need to engage all muscle groups. The abs are tense; the glutes are tense, the legs are tense, breathe. Do not forget to breathe!” – says Galina Tauzakova, international presenter and instructor with Kengo Jumps.

This type of fitness came to Ukraine from Europe. And the training boots were invented by a Canadian orthopedist involved in the rehabilitation of people after operations on the legs’ back and joints.

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“The design is called spring plates, which help reduce stress on the joints of the legs and back by 80%,” says the instructor.

In one hour of training, you can lose up to 1000 calories! It’s like running 10 kilometers. Such fitness also has its contraindications – pregnant women and people with diseases of the spine, and cervical vertebrae should not use it.

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