7 Factors That Prevent You From Losing Weight

One of the most common reasons for weight gain is skipping breakfast or another meal.  Several reasons interfere with losing weight, and if you’re still struggling to lose weight, the problem may be in things you don’t notice. Let us find out more.

1. You eat irregularly

One of the most common reasons for weight gain is skipping breakfast or other meals. A healthy diet includes 3 meals a day. If one of them is missed, then the next, as a rule, significantly exceeds the norm.

Skipping meals naturally increases hunger, which forces you to opt for unhealthy foods high in simple sugars. From this, metabolism deteriorates, and weight is quickly gained.

2. You snack often

If you are cooking food, stop trying it all the time. You also need to prevent yourself from frequent peeping into the refrigerator in the hope of something to eat.

Often, you are not aware of your snacking because you do it out of boredom or during times of stress. This way, you lose control of what you eat. The best option is 1-2 fruit snacks a day.

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3. You eat while distracted by other things.

You need to get rid of the bad habit of watching TV while eating. So you get distracted and lose control over the eating process. In such situations, you eat much more food than usual.

When you eat in a relaxed environment, you tend to chew your food thoroughly, which means you are full of smaller portions, which helps avoid overeating.

7 Factors That Prevent You From Losing Weight
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4. You are miscalculating the serving size

Observations show that modern man ate more than 20-30 years ago. Today, portions significantly exceed the optimal size for a person.

The first thing you should do is ditch large plates in favor of small ones.

5. You drink too little water

Nutritionists assure that people often confuse hunger with thirst. So, if you think you are hungry, you should first drink a glass of water. To improve digestion and metabolism, it is recommended to drink 7-8 glasses a day.

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6. You don’t sleep much

If you do not sleep at least 7 hours a day, it will be difficult for you to fight excess weight. Firstly, the body that does not get enough sleep requires simple carbohydrates from you, and it will be difficult to refuse it. And secondly, during sleep, the body is actively losing weight because when we sleep, the growth hormone somatotropin production occurs. If in children, this hormone increases growth and size, then in adults, it takes part in metabolism, namely, burning fat. If you do not sleep enough, then not enough growth hormone will be released, which will lead to a decrease in metabolism.

7. You eat few vegetables

If you eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, you will lose weight faster. And there are several explanations for this. Firstly, vegetables and fruits saturate the body with a large number of nutrients and fiber. And secondly, the abundance of plant foods in the diet improves metabolism, due to which the fat burning process is accelerated.

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