Interior Change Can Help You Deal With Depression: Five Easy Ways

Autumn is the cause of not only a runny nose, colds but also simply a bad mood, laziness, and, as a result, seasonal depression. Some people turn to psychologists and undergo drug therapy; some meet with friends and family. Several studies have found that people who have a strong bond with friends are less likely to become depressed.

How to overcome depression with interior changes.

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1. Buy houseplants for your home

Studies have shown that even a simple walk in the fresh air reduces feelings of despair. If you live in a city, plant your plants on your balcony or windowsill. Plants improve mood not only by their appearance but also by secreting compounds that reduce stress levels and normalize blood pressure.

2. Hang the picture

To let your home and you breathe a breath of fresh air with them, hang a picture with a pleasant-looking landscape. It doesn’t have to be Maldivian white sand beaches. These can be images of the home area, of the place that reminds of something good. If it is difficult to find such a picture, you can invite an artist and ask him to paint a canvas that will calm you down.

3. Install a lightbox at home

It is essential for those suffering from the autumn blues to see and feel the natural daylight in the morning. A lightbox is not only an advertising light sign; it can be hung at home as a lamp or painting. Lightbox beams provide the same type of light that the sun produces, only without UV light.

Interior Change Can Help You Deal With Depression: Five Easy Ways
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4. Add more colors

You can tune yourself to the positive by changing the color schemes in the house. Warm shades evoke feelings of happiness and optimism. A refreshing, stimulating, and positive hue that motivates socialization and creativity is orange. Or variations of it – peach, terracotta, pale apricot.

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If repainting an entire wall isn’t possible or you don’t want to, add paint with details. You can hang towels of your favorite color in the bathroom and change the rug in the bedroom – change the curtains; in the living room – sofa pillows or lampshade. These little things improve your mood and make your home more comfortable.

5. Decorate the interior with objects that evoke pleasant associations

To feel happiness, it is necessary to fill the house with things that radiate happiness. Items that make you smile and joy. This can be a photo of your family or pet, a soft, warm blanket on the couch, a fridge magnet from an unforgettable trip, a toy that you won in a competition, and so on.

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