How To Remove Wax From Glass: 4 Home Remedies

Removing the wax from the glass allows you to recycle the candle jars, make other DIY candles, or even reuse them as containers or as materials for creative crafts; let’s see the general tips and methods to remove candle residues from jars and containers.

Before removing the wax with the chosen method, remove any label and glue residues with the remedies. Thus, you avoid the risk of scorching the adhesive paper.

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After you have removed the wax from the glass, you can remove the wick from the candle and any plate, even with the help of a spoon, and clean the residual wax with soap and water. If necessary, with a little vegetable oil, olive oil, or even with baby oil.

How To Remove Wax From Glass: 4 Home Remedies
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How To Remove Wax From Glass: 4 Methods

1) Heat the jars in a bain-marie; when the wax melts, you can also pour it into another container to make a DIY candle with the residues of recycled wax.

2) Put the candle holder in the freezer; the wax hardens, and you can remove it with a knife with a smooth and rounded blade.

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3) Arrange several containers upside down on a baking sheet, lined with aluminum foil and a couple of layers of parchment paper, and place it in the oven at low temperature for about a quarter of an hour. The wax melts and settles on the parchment paper. Of course, be very careful!

4) To remove the wax, pour hot water into the glass beakers. The wax could rise in a few hours; wait for the water to cool and wax to set to remove it.

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