How To Remove Wax From The Floor Without Scratching It

How to remove the wax from the floor? Here are some easy do-it-yourself remedies or ingredients and tools you already have at home, which will get the job well done.

Of course, use them according to the floor’s material, so don’t use them if the elements risk ruining it,  and always make a test first.

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The Stripes
Try to remove as much wax as possible, even with the same depilatory strips or a napkin.

The Spatula
When the wax becomes hard, you can remove it with a plastic spatula or plastic card, but be careful not to scratch the floor.

Therefore, in the process, avoid knives and objects that can scratch the surface.

The Towel
To help the wax harden, lay an old towel or cloth over the area and distribute ice cubes.

How To Remove Wax From The Floor Without Scratching It
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Towel And Heat

On the other hand, you can use the heat to melt the wax on the floor, absorb it and take it off.

After putting on a towel, you direct the hairdryer’s jet at it; the wax should become more fluid, and the cloth should absorb it.

Next, move the towel to cover the wax stain with a clean portion.

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Then repeat the process with the hairdryer and proceed until the area is clean.

To remove residues and marks from wax, you can apply baby oil if compatible with the material and floor type. 

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